Ode to the colour yellow…

…Scrap that, I never could write poetry. Also, I lied! I do know some things about fashion, since I subscribed to ELLE magazine. It’s kind of like my fashion bible. But, the point is, I love the colour yellow. With a passion. It started with some banana coloured nail polish from 17 at Boots, gradually expanding to a lemon colour too, until I persuaded my mum to buy me a rather expensive ROXY Newquay T-shirt in the same shade, hence she won’t buy me clothes anymore. The rest is rather infamous, history.

Now, unless you’ve been asleep all summer, you will know that Fetish is going to be a huge trend throughout autumn winter. But, let’s face it; it’s not exactly easy to wear. When I opened my ELLE Collection’s guide, I had to check to cover to make sure I hadn’t ordered something completely different. Of course when I read the September issue, I was relieved to see that it is actually wearable, without looking… well… you know…

But despite drooling over the £350 over the knee boots by Karen Millen, I did have to stop to re-evaluate what I had thought to begin with. Because, what the catwalks are showing are what everyone thinks of when they hear the term fetish; however, being me, I cracked out my ancient dictionary and looked it up. So yes, fetish can be something (cough) rather (cough) dirty, but a fetish is also an object of obsession. So basically, my rambling is because I think I may be obsessed with the colour yellow. I can’t really call it a fetish because people would think I was more insane than they already do. Which in itself is an impressive feat. Because anyone who really knows me, will tell you that I am a nut job. In fact, ask my brother or my cousin, and they will tell you that I ought to be locked up. Anyway, back to the point, there is more than one way to work the fetish trend this season. Anyone can be fashionable as long as they can read, but it takes a little more creativity to be stylish, so why not take something that you love, and incorporate that into your wardrobe. Most people I know people have an obsession (read fetish) with something, be it shoes or puppies, or rather interestingly, paperclips. Because I’m sure you’ll also know that another trend is eccentric but ladylike, where basically, anything goes, as long as there is some hint of some quality tailoring in there. Honestly, this season you can get away with anything. So why not put something that you really love into your wardrobe. Like the colour yellow. Or a jumper with pickles printed on it (unfortunately I
can’t remember the make, but it was in Yak). Or perhaps a pair of tweed shorts… I think I should probably stop now.

but not before I post some awesomely awesome yellow stuff!

In this pic

Topshop Yellow Scallop Short Sleeve Silk Shirt £38 (wouldn’t this look great with some bright blue jeans and the ASOS Malcom shoes)

Topshop Mustard Daisy Print Wide Leg Trousers £45

Thomas Sabo Disco Roller Skates Charm £42.95

ASOS PREMIUM Leather vintage style bag £60 (I wish this was cheaper)

Miss Selfridge Block Hoop Earrings £6.50

ASOS Obi Wrap Boyfriend Belt £12

Topshop Bright Pink Stripe Banana Print Oversize PJ Tee £18 (bananas ON pyjamas)

Topshop Imperial Lily Print Cap Sleeve Dress £48

ASOS MALCOLM Suede Flat Shoe with Punch Out
Detail £35

Topshop has some great yellow pieces – just type yellow into the search bar.


I felt the need to make a blog. So I did.

But this is not just any blog – this is yet another fashion blog. Something to join the millions of others that no-one will ever read. I’m not a pessimist, I’m a realist, and lets face it, I’m no different from all the other millions of fashion bloggers, except for the fact that I know next to nothing about fashion. So this is a permanent record of my fashion mistakes. I figured that people need more to laugh about, so now, you can laugh at me!

So, a bit about me:

I’m 16 and my name is not really banana. It sort of rhymes with banana, hence it is part of my nickname. I don’t even like bananas.

I live in a city in England that no-one has ever heard of (true fact -apparently we don’t really exist)

People tell me that I’m insane. I don’t think I’m insane. Am I? mwahahahahahhahaa….I might be a little insane.

I really love the colour yellow. The colour yellow really doesn’t love me. It really really doesn’t suit me. shame.

That’s probably all you need to know.

So, hi!